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Looking at Furniture Differently


Ideas to Renew Your Old Furniture

Repurposing furniture is more than just giving your couch or dresser a new look.  In many cases, the process of renovating can result in creating something entirely new.  If you’re doing it right, your newly repurposed piece can be looked at as a work of art.  All the while, you’re having fun and creating a new piece for your home that will improve your overall decor. Save yourself from dialing-up one of those hauling companies and restore that item which would ordinarily be discarded.

Here are a few helpful ideas to provide inspiration.

Let the creativity flow

One of the best parts about repurposing furniture is that there are no rules. The sky’s the limit here; including, designing an entirely new piece of furniture. You’re free to take a dresser and turn it into an entertainment center.

You could also consider starting with items that would normally be discarded, such as pallets and turn them into beautiful outdoor furniture.

The artistic aspect to furniture

Take a close look at your furniture. When inspecting most any piece of furniture you’ll notice there is an artistic element to it. Even if you’re looking a coffee table that is made up of straight lines and four corners – there is a type of symmetry that is being expressed.  Your goal is to decide which angles and architecture are best for your home. With that being said, consider that all furniture, in one way or another, is a piece of art.

art in tables
Recognize artwork by putting yourself in the shoes of the designer

Once you see your everyday household furniture in this way you can begin developing your own ideas to redesigning and inventing something unique.

A good furniture designer must be allowed the freedom as well as the material to express his ideas into actual workable furniture pieces.  This is why wood is a favorite choice with those wanting to try out a bit of furniture renewal.  It is possible to completely or subtle change the shape, color, and feel of wood by working it.

The material of choice

The best and the most fruitful efforts at redesigning furniture are had with just two materials and that is wood and metal.  Both these materials give sufficient flexibility as well as are strong enough to take care of most situations that a typical repurposing activity brings about.  It would do very little good to have material that is best flimsy to use as though it could yield results but would not be functional to most people.

With metal furniture, there is the effect that the final product brings to an item.  It is possible to change the very appearance of a piece of furniture by just changing the way it is painted.

painting furntuire
Painting furniture is among the simplest projects while still giving an item a whole new ambience.

This is typically considered to be the most basic and simplest form of renewal (especially when working with a metal based item) .  This, even the most basic change, can indeed make a huge difference to the presentability or appearance of an item.

The need to stand out

Changes you decide to make should be bold. They should give the item new life. We are looking for that “oooh and ahhh” moment when your guests see this newly created art.

creative idea for repurposing
The best creations come from thinking outside of the box

Challenge yourself to do more than just slap on a new paint job or toss a cover over an old couch.

Final Inspiration 

Remember, not everyone’s taste is the same. You may love an idea, someone else in your home (significant other) may hate it. Same can be said about an peice of art. Don’t be discouraged if what you create is well accepted. Even if it not your best work, you’ll only get better if you keep at it.

Keep your eyes open to see the artwork and craftsmanship in all things and you’re well on your way to becoming an artistic designer.