Why Laminate Countertops are the Best

Reviewing the benefits of laminate VS granite

With every one of the choices out there for kitchen rebuilds, the vast majority are peering toward smooth surface ledges for their magnificence and common sense. The decisions are various from top of the line stone items that originate from a quarry to wood and reused materials to the spending inviting covers. Overlay has gotten negative criticism for a great deal of the items from the previous decades, however circumstances are different. I’m an enthusiast of cover ledges in kitchens for these five reasons. First off, they’re easy to clean, look good, but most importantly they are a super affordable countertop option.

1. Easy to Maintain, Easy to Clean.

When we were growing up my mother had clay tile ledges and I recollect her colloquialism she couldn’t sit tight for the day to tear them out. I likewise recall her scouring (and influencing us to scour!) the grout to keep it spotless and brilliant. Cover offers a simple to clean arrangement with a family unit cleaner, a wipe, and some high temp water, cleaning them is a breeze and keeping up them is a secure since you don’t have to seal them.

undermount sink
Laminate countertop with undermount sink. Yes, it can be done.

2. Super Affordable

Contrasted with stone and other strong surface ledges, cover wins in the value war. Beginning as low as $15 per square foot, they are much more reasonable than quartz, marble, or stone which are regularly $50 to $100 per square foot contingent upon the material. You do need to be cautious of sharp questions, grating cleaners, or to a great degree high warmth. Here is a brief and intriguing read about how covers are made.

3. Elegant & Impressive

Cover ledges are looking so great! The new examples supplement dim and light, painted and wood cupboards, yet do you see how they’re introduced?

I can’t believe it’s not wood…


When requesting your overlay surface consider excluding the cover backsplash seen with a large number of the more seasoned renditions (that little lip or cook’s garment that rides up on the divider).

Rather select a ledge that stops at the edge of the level plane and pick a lovely backsplash that meets the ledge at the base of the divider like so.

4. Printing technology has advanced

Cover has made some amazing progress infant! I’m measuring these three decisions for a future task and inclining toward the White Carrara among these marble clone tests. I like that they’re likewise are accessible in bullnose and ogee edges for a more contemporary look.

5. Picture Perfect Quality

It’s not recently top of the line strong stone or wood ledges that make it into magazines now. Stone carbon copy overlays are applicants as well! Our spending cover kitchen rebuild from a year ago was sufficiently amazing to make the pages of the August issue of Kitchen & Bath Mag look at it in print, we’re so eager to see it included!


You may review it was Contractors’ Kitchen who gave the ledges to this great purpose and their liberality is so enormously refreshing. Those are my five reasons why you ought to consider picking cover for your kitchen, an extraordinary take a gander at a shrewd cost.

What number of you have picked overlay in your kitchen? Is it true that you are upbeat you did?

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